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Redefining The Top 1%

Nov 12, 2020

I’ve been following the work of today’s guest for quite some time. So, I am excited to welcome Paul Martinelli and hear his ideas and insights.


A high school dropout from a Pittsburgh working-class family, Paul overcame a stuttering disability and a dim future to rise from janitor to millionaire entrepreneur. He has shared the stage with such personal development masters as John Maxwell, Seth Godin, Les Brown, Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, Wayne Dyer, Brian Tracy, Denis Waitley, Nick Vujicic, and Zig Ziglar.


Today, Paul is President of The John Maxwell Team, an elite group of certified coaches and communicators mentored by the #1 leadership expert globally and New York Times best-selling author John Maxwell. Paul’s creation of the certification program earned him the Marcus Buckingham’s Leaders Leading Leaders award, which recognizes innovators who inspire others' excellence.


Listen and get inspired by Paul’s story. Learn more about his studies, programs, and his fruitful relationship with his mentor, Patrick Hayes.


Episode Highlights:


●      Getting to Know Paul: From a High School Dropout to a Successful Entrepreneur [3:30]

●      Mentor-Mentee Relationship with Patrick Hayes [11:20]

●      Things that Affects the Way We Think [17:51]

●      The Divine and His Plan[21:15]

●      Insights on Paul’s Studies and Programs [30:20]

●      The Law of Vibrational Frequency [38:10]




Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

●      I believe anyone can be a leader in today’s world. That’s why I’ve created a short, user-friendly book called Redefining the Top 1 Percent. Get your FREE copy by joining our Facebook Group here. Not only are you getting a free copy of my book, but you’ll also get lots of FREE training and resources every week.

●      Know more about Paul, his studies, and his works by visiting his website at

●      Empowered Living is a community of key influencers and agents of change from all walks of life - from business, healthcare, law, academia, entertainment, politics, entrepreneurship - all across the globe.

●      Identify your level of awareness and be ready to unleash your full potential with Paul’s newest program, Fully Resourced.

●      Connect with Paul:

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●      Books Recommendations:

o   Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz

o   Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill





“In this life, we don’t get what we want. You get who you are.”

“Most people do not know how to think. Most people know how to read, remember, and repeat, and they call that thinking.”

“[On COVID 19] We may be on the same ocean, but we are not on the same boat.”

“We were created to be in harmony with the 7 laws of the universe.”

“All of us are spiritual beings. We have been gifted with intellect, and we experience the world in our physical bodies. It is our spirit that is seeking solar expression and solar expansion. It is our spirit that causes us to wake up and want to be and do and have more.”

“What good is it to have a lot of money if your family hates you or your kids don’t talk to you?”

“Whenever we experience anything good or powerful in our lives, the first thing we do as human beings is telling everyone about it.”

“Everything in the universe is energy, and we know that energy is in a constant state of vibration.”

“Everything is created twice.”




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